11 Best Google Contacts Tips That Everyone Should Know

Google Contacts Tips

Can you remember the days when you use to keep diary to write contacts or phone number? There was the time when we were using phones, there was no mobile. Now mobile came and we started to save contacts in mobile after that contacts or phonebook came in picture and smartphones have made life easy for us (Google Contacts Tips).

Now we are talking about Google Contacts that is widely used worldwide and syncing across devices & made everything easy for us. As all you know Google Contacts app help to save your contacts, organize and manage the same very smartly. The Google Contacts app is present in every Android phones. It can also be installed in those phones which are running with custom Android skin.  

If you just started to use new android phone you should know below mentioned tips to manage

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Main features of the Google Contacts app– (Google Contacts Tips):

1. Way to show the contact – There are two ways in Google Contacts to customize how the contacts are shown. 1st in which you can display last name first and in 2nd way anyone can sort the contacts either by first name or by last name. To customize those two options, open the Google Contacts app and tap on the three-bar icon at the top. Select Settings. You can open Google contacts and press on 3 dot icon at right top corner and change as you want to show.

2. Switch between Google accounts – you can use many Google account in your mobile and also contacts can be switched between accounts, to switch between accounts in the Google Contacts app is to just click on the profile picture icon at the top & select the account you want to switch.  You can also switch between two profile pictures to switch contacts will automatically.

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3. Create Group of Contacts – This is for those who regularly send a message or email to multiple contacts together, they should group them. This will help to send the same message to those guys in a single tap. This can be created using label feature, just tap on the 3-bar icon at the right top and create label and add member to the label. Now you can send an email or message to all of members added in label, to just open the label.

4. Select All Contacts – Many times, we require selecting all the contacts at the same time. So Google Contacts already have option to select all in one touch. Just tap on the 3-dot icon on the home screen of the Google contact app to choose all contact from it.

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5. Add Contact to Home Screen – If you need to call anybody very frequently, then to make it easy to call that contact, you just need to add that contact detail’s shortcut on the home screen. This will help you to call easily to that guy. To do this, just tap on the 3-dot icon at the top and select Add to Home screen from the menu.

6. Set a contact picture – This option is very easy as everyone know that how to add picture in contact list. Just open the contact list and tap on the Edit contact button to upload pictures and upload image or take photo by opening camera and save it.

7. Keep different Ringtone – You can also keep different ringtones to your selected contacts, just open the contact and tap on the 3-dot icon and tap on Set ringtone.

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8. Merge Contact – You can merge many contact numbers of same guy in one name just select the contact that you want to merge, tap on the 3-dot icon button and click on merge.

9. Move Contact to other Accounts – If you want to change your mail id and need to transfer account, you can easily transfer the same in required account. For this press and hold the contact name on the home screen of the app and select all option. And just tap on the 3-dot icon at the top and Move to other account.

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10. Change APP Theme – In this you can choose dark mode or light mode, to change the dark mode theme just click 3-bar icon and tap on Theme.

11. Add Contact Quickly – This is very helpful when you are in hurry and want add someone’s contacts quickly. Anyone can use this app’s shortcuts to create a new contact quickly.  Just press and hold the Contacts app icon on the home screen and select Add contact from the menu.

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Note: As all of you know that Google automatically syncs all available contacts. You can also stop the syncing of your Google contacts if you don’t require syncing it in Google contacts (Google Contacts Tips).