WhatsApp Crossed 2 Billion Users

WhatsApp Users Crossed 2 Billion

The Popular Messaging app WhatsApp has crossed 2 billion users now in all over the world. Among Them 500 million users added since 2018. This is told by the head of WhatsApp, Will Cathcart, in a interview with the Wall Street Journal.

According to WhatsApp CEO they are not going to disable encryption in WhatsApp. According to Wall Street Journal, he said:

“For all of human history, people have been able to communicate privately with each other, and we don’t think that should go away in a modern society,” .

Below are the some features coming soon in whatsApp.

Dark mode

The Dark Mode of WhatsApp launch is expected in the coming months. The beta version of ‘Dark Mode’ is available for both Android and iOS. But in main app it is still awaiting.

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Self-destructing messages

This is the privacy feature of WhatsApp which will allow users to send self-destructing (self-destroy) messages that can be removed automatically after a certain period of time. The users have to set the time when he want to delete the message, within 1 hour, 1 week, 1day or one month from the date and time of delivery. It is unknown when this will be rolled out.


The App is planning to start inserting ads into WhatsApp Status posts between a lots of status updates in the year 2020.

Reverse Image Search

These days WhatsApp has become a medium to spread the news so that any message can be passed from one corner to another in a moment whether it is text as well as video, audio or image. It is becoming difficult to understand the difference between all these in true and fake news.

WhatsApp has planned to launch a new feature to avoid fake news and is building a tool that will launch inbuilt with WhatsApp under the name ‘Revese Image Search’. It will be able to identify the original sender of the image.


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