HereWe Go Maps for Huawei Phones Now Available on App Gallery


The US government had banned Huawei from doing business with any US-based company about a year ago. The result of this ban was that Google revoked Huawei’s license to use the Android system. Huawei had already guessed this. So he started building UIs and other essentials that were necessary to power the smartphone. But some basic services of Google like Google Maps (Huawei launches HereWE GO Maps), Gmail, YouTube and Google Play Store etc. Without which no Android user would want to use that phone.

However, the new Huawei phones do not have all these features and these phones are launched without these services. Huawei developed the Play Store option last year, which was named App Gallery. Initially, the number of apps in it is quite small, but Huawei is working tirelessly to get more apps and services uploaded to the App Gallery.

Like the App Gallery, Huawei has introduced the option of Google Maps HereWeGo Maps, which is available on Huawei’s App Gallery. If you are from technical or telecom background then you must have heard the name of Here Maps. Here Maps was originally developed by Nokia for Windows Phone in 2012 and was named OVI Maps. It is a reliable navigation service, being an old app. Huawei now wants to make it accessible to users through the app gallery. Which will be a good alternative to Google Map for users.

‘HereWe Go’ can also be used in offline mode. Actually, it has an offline map for city navigation feature and navigation guides of more than 100 countries, as well as voice guide and public transit information. With the help of this app, you can also book a taxi. You can download the HereWe Go – City Navigation app through the App Gallery from Huawei Gadgets. Below is the link to download it.

How to Download ‘HereWE GO’ Maps:

You can download the HereWe Go – City Navigation app from the App Gallery through Huawei Gadgets. Below is the link to download it. You can download it directly from the link given below:
Download- HereWE Go Maps-City Navigation