Facebook Rolls Out Messenger for Kids in 70 Countries Including India

Messenger Kids

Recently Facebook has provided Solution for kids being bored in quarantine due to Covid-19 Pandemic. On Wednesday the social media giant announced that it is prepared for roll out the Messenger Kids app. This is basically a messaging app and video chat app which is specifically designed for kids. Facebook has started to roll out the app in more than 70 countries. India is also one of them.

The children under age of thirteen years can use this app to keep in touch with their family and friends and all these activities can be controlled by their parents. The Messenger Kids app is now available for iOS users only in India and in future it will be rolled out soon for Android users.

Also with the new launch of Messenger Kids App, Facebook announced that it would add three new features in this app. These 3 features will help parents to connect with other children too. Antigone Davis, Global Head of Safety, Facebook said in a blog that “One of the biggest challenges we’ve heard from parents and kids is that it’s hard to find kids’ friends and connect with them in Messenger Kids, so we’re adding three new options to help parents connect kids with friends”.

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Because of some complaints towards parents, that in Messenger Kids, it is very hard to find kid’s friend and connect with them. So the company has decided to add three new features to connect parents with kid’s friends.

Facebook also quoted Dr Lewis Bernstein in its blog as “This is a powerful opportunity and teachable moment for parents to have a conversation with their kids about the life-long skill of choosing one’s friends, both face to face and online. In addition to allowing parents more ways to manage their child’s messaging experience, Supervised Friending develops kids’ autonomy to decide who they do or don’t want to connect with, while parents can observe, provide guidance and step in as necessary.”.


Here we have given the description of three important features that would be useful for the parents and children both:

First Feature: The name of this feature is Supervised Friending. With this feature, the guardians/parents will allow their kids to accept and reject friend requests of their kids contacts but will supervise the whole activity. This Feature will first roll out in Us then in other countries.

Second Feature: The second feature allows parents to contact their kids to other children, teachers, tutors through a group on the Messenger Kids app. A notification will be send to parents whenever a new member is added to the group.

Third Feature: The third feature provide the whole control of the app to the guardians. They can monitor their child’s activities through the Parent Dashboard. Facebook will be responsible if there is any leaks in privacy of the kids using this app.

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