Whisper App’s User Data Leaked on Open Web


An app that is famous worldwide for whisper and anonymous messaging has recently encountered some problems; in fact some data of this app has been leaked. However it is not as anonymous as we thought. This is the first case of sensitive user data being leaked out openly by a latest platform that brands privately before today, reports the Washington Post. This leak is revealed through the post about homosexuality, domestic abuse and unwanted pregnancies etc. (Whisper App)

When it first came into existence in 2012, it had an entire posting history closed and it was a falty piece. It had stolen a lot of juvenile data which had become historic. When this data was actually received, it was very different. This post becomes very important for those who register on such apps by stating their age as 15 years, the number of such people here is more than 15 lakhs.

Moreover, he also included the complete details that he shared from this platform, such as: his position, age, caste, sex and organization with which they were associated.

As Whisper told the Post, according to him, once the leak is confirmed, they close the source that Gizmodo confirms at one point. Still the company has to work on many such satisfactory policies that do not allow cracks to occur. Whisper was even caught sharing the data of military personnel stationed at US military bases.  Since then it seems that it will still take time to get the complete data on hold.

Law officers need to intervene on this subject. However, Gizmodo has a number of participants in its own analysis that are scanning user data. Till now they have been successful, it will be known in the coming time.Till now how much they have been successful, it will be known in the coming time.

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