Apple and Google Jointly Developing New Technology to Fight Coronavirus

Technology from Google and Apple

The entire world is terrorized by the global epidemic corona, and many countries are trying to deal with it. In this series, tech company Google and Apple announced to develop a technology together last week. This technology is contact tracing, which is to be launched in two stages. This technology from Google and Apple will be an API based tracing system to convert your smartphone into Corona Tracker. According to information received from Apple, they are ready to be released for updates in early May.

In First Stage:

In the first stage, it will work on an API (Application Proramming Interface) and operating system differential detection technology and corona tracker rolling proximity. Which will alert the person infected with COVID-19 based on the information being transferred through Bluetooth. It will be used by the government’s health agencies.

Apple said that after updating the phone with the latest version software, users have to select the opt in option. If users accept this, the phone will start sending Bluetooth signals to other nearby smartphones and will also record Bluetooth signals from other phones.

If a public health app is also downloaded to the user’s phone, it will track the events of the last 2 weak and enter it into the Corona Patient’s Detail database. After this the system will contact all the identifiers that were around that corona patient within 14 days. All those people will be warned about the possibility of corona infection.

In Second Stage:

Within second stage, the contact tracing feature will be integrated into the operating system with iOS and Android. In this, Bluetooth will be used effectively, which will be more effective than API.

Apple said that if public health apps are installed in the user’s mobile, then the activity that took place within 5 minutes will also be recorded. With this, if a user comes close to a covid-19, then he will get an alert through the app.

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