How to Hide Files & Folders on Window PC

Hide Folder on Window

Sometimes you need to hide your private folders or make it invisible from others who use your computer or which is common to use between some people. So that you can maintain your privacy and make your sensitive files and folders out of reach from regular searches. There is a way, by following which you can hide your folders in your Window PC.
Here we are going to discuss the steps you have to follow to hide the files and folders:

Hide Files/Folders:

1- First of all you have to go to “Control Panel” by clicking on start option in your Window PC.

2- Click on “Folder Options” given on Control Panel. A popup window will appear. Then go to the “View” Tab, here you will see the 2 radio buttons after double click on Hidden Files and Folders.

3- By default it is set to “Don’t show hidden files and folders or drives”, if not then check the radio button of this option, otherwise skip the step.

4- Click on Apply button given below on the popup and then press OK. Clicking Apply will make the button disable.

5- Now go to your desktop and right click on it.

6- Choose the Folder option from drop-down, your new folder is created.

7- Rename the folder and right click on it.

8- Click on Properties option.

8- After clicking on Properties a new window will open, check the “Hidden” option on it.

9- When you click on Apply it will disable, then click OK.

Your file is invisible/hidden now and it will not show on its location and it will not searchable. This folder will be hidden until your computer shows hidden files and folders.

Show Hidden Files/Folders:

To Show the hidden files and folders you have to do the reverse process you done while hiding it. Here is the steps you need to follow:

1- Go to the Control Panel, click on Folder Options

2- Click on the View tab and Double-click “Hidden files and folders” if it is not showing 2 radio button options.

3- Check radio button “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”.

5- Click on Apply then OK.

This way you can find back your hidden files and folders. Go to the location and your folder will be visible to you now.

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