Google’s new platform ‘Shorts’ Video going to launch soon to compete with ‘TikTok’ Video

Youtube Shorts

People are very fond of Tik-Tok’s videos to entertain people through short videos. Impressed by this, YouTube, the largest platform for online videos collection, has also decided to enter in the field of short-form videos. YouTube, which is Google’s own video platform, is preparing to launch a feature called “Shorts” that will be Tik-Tok’s competitor. In fact, companies like Google and Facebook are beginning to feel threatened. This is due to the rapid popularity of Tik-Tok in the US and India.

What will be New Feature in YouTube:

The Shorts will be a collection of short videos that will be available in the new feed on YouTube. According to the information, the feature will reportedly use all music that has already been licensed by YouTube. All these to be “available for use as a soundtrack for videos created by users”. Also this app / feature will be in-built in YouTube for both Android and iOS users.

What is Google’s Plan:

According to The Information, “Shorts” will allow users to create, share and create short-form videos, a concept that has made Tik-Tok a household name. According to this report, Shorts will not be a separate app. Beside that it will be a feature within the YouTube app itself. The Shorts feature reportedly will be free to take advantage of all of YouTube’s licensed music. That is, those songs can already be used within the Shorts video, which are already on YouTube.

Dylan Byers of MSNB has also confirmed the report saying that YouTube is developing a video-form called Shorts, through which preparations are also being made to give tough competition to Tik-Tok .

Now to see when YouTube features Tik-Tok’s rival as a ‘Shorts’ feature. YouTube can be launch this feature by the end of 2020, as believed.

According to “most serious effort yet by a Silicon Valley tech company to combat the rise of TikTok.”

According to 9TO5Google, the YouTube shorts effort has been described as “the most serious effort yet by the Silicon Valley tech company to deal with the rise of Tik-Tok “. It anticipates that YouTube will try to leverage the creators on its platform to create new types of content.

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