How to Use and Update Google Gboard Keyboard

Google Gboard Keyboard

This must have happened to you many times when you start feel difficulty in using the apps installed in your Android phone. When phone started sudden hanging and occasional crashes, then this is the perfect time to update your apps (Google Gboard Keyboard).

In your phone there are several apps installed, among them Gboard is an app which is Google’s Virtual Keyboard. As all of you know that Google regularly use to update their apps with new features. So the users also need to update the new version to get improved features and improved users experience.

Gboard make your typing experience more easy and Facilitator. It has everything that need for a good Keyboard – speed and reliability, Glide Typing, voice typing, and more.

Glide Typing – You can type by sliding your finger from one letter to another, this way you can type faster.
Voice typing – It can type the text by your voice.
Handwriting – It is featured with cursive and printed letters
Emoji Search – It has many types of Emoji
GIFs – It can Search and share GIFs for the perfect reaction.
Multilingual typing – You need not to switch manually between languages. Gboard will autocorrect and provide suggestion from your enabled languages.
Google Translate – It can also translate your typed sentence in the keyboard.

Features and Tips to proper use of Gboard:

Gesture cursor control: Slide your finger over the space bar from one side to another to move the cursor
Gesture delete: Slide toward left from the delete key to delete multiple texts quickly.
• Number row should always be available (to enable it go to Settings → Preferences → Number Row)
Symbols hints: To access symbols it shows quick hints on your keys if you long press it (to enable it go to Settings → Preferences → Long press for symbols)
One handed mode: For large screen phones you can set (pin) keyboard to the left or right of the screen of your phone
Themes: There are number of theme which you can choose with or without borders.

How to Update Gboard on Android:

  1. Open Google Play Store and type to search Gboard.
  2. Tap on Gboard to go particular app page. If you see ‘Open’ or/and ‘Uninstall’ optionthen your app is upadated but if it shows ‘Update’ option instead of ‘Open’ then tap to update your Gboard app.

To find out that your app (Google Gboard Keyboard) is upto date or not, tap to the app on Google play store and under ‘Whats New’ you can see last updated date and new features launched recently.