On Google Meet Now 16 People can Video Call Together

Google Meet

Work from home is the only option left for those who are working as the world is facing lockdown due to the coronavirus epidemic. But there is a lot of confusion among people about which reliable app to use for video conferencing or group calling. The reason for this is the recent objection of Google regarding the security feature of Zoom App.

Google Meet Update and Zoom’s Drawback:

But now there is nothing to worry as Google has made an update on Google Meet for those who doing work from home. Now 16 people can make video calls simultaneously on Google Meet. Google’s Vice President Javier Soltero said that on Google Meet, the video calling feature of Google, 16 people can now make video calls simultaneously.

According to a report by the news agency Reuters, Google had warned people about video conferencing on Zoom. The company told its employees not to use the Zoom app via e-mail, and asked those who are doing it to delete it immediately.

According to Google’s security team, the Zoom app has not met the company’s security standards. This can interfere with our company’s data security, but people can use this app to make video calling with their friends or family.

Google will Help:

Google has decided to help its news publishers with updates on Google Meet. Google said on Friday that it would not charge advertising fee to its news partners for the next five months. Many news publishers around the world advertise for their digital business through Google Ad Manager. So in this difficult time, Google has promised to help them.

Global Partnership News Director Jacen Washing said that under this initiative, financially-funded news agencies doing journalism all over the world would be funded. He also said that all our news partners will be fully informed about this financial initiative.

Indeed, advertisements appearing on the news help fund journalists writing breaking news, so that they are constantly updating their websites or apps. Google takes the help of these news publishers to provide news service nationally, internationally and locally.