YouTube Replaced Trending Tab with Explore Tab

YouTube Explore Tab

YouTube has introduced a replacement update on its mobile app for both the OS android and iOS, that ‘Trending’ tab is now replaced with ‘Explore’ tab.

The new tab allows users to access destination pages from popular content categories like Gaming, Music, News, Fashion & Beauty from one place, together with the trending videos. The corporate has been testing this feature since two years, but now has finally released this feature for public use in its mobile app.

The explore tab will make easier to go looking new artists and creators of YouTube channel. It shows Creator on the increase and Artist on the increase for brand spanking new creators and also trending page gets its choice to show what’s occurring everywhere the planet and what’s trending in several locations. Explore tab is found between Home and Subscription.

Here is that the difference within the new Explore tab from Trending tab;

1. Trending videos has its own section now.
2. Destination pages are easily accessible for Shortcuts to destination pages Including Music, Gaming, News, Fashion & Beauty, Learning, Movies & Shows,
3. On the increase section are more famous thanks to appearing before the trending videos.

‘On the Rise’ targets to concentrate on new creators and emerging artists, whereas the Trending section mainly focuses established creators and YouTubers with huge subscription. this modification gives a chance for smaller creators to urge highligted.

It seems that this is often good for beginner creators as on the increase section will appear first. As per the support post, the new Explore tab will reach all users within the next few days. But if we are seeing the new Explore tab already however, that’s because YouTube has been testing it since 2018.

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